The need for home improvement services in Tennessee is great, and funding is limited. Below are links to statewide and regional resources that may offer services in your area. Click here to request a detailed resource sheet for your community

Statewide Resources

Non-Governmental Regional Resources

We hope that one of these resources in your county will be able to assist you with any home concerns you may still have. We often advise homeowners that free community assistance is limited, so we suggest homeowners consider hiring a contractor for small home improvement projects. 

There may be additional resources in your community that we are not aware of. We recommend that you contact your local United Way or your local government officials who may be able to tell you about resources that we are not aware of. You may also want to talk with your insurance agent, local social workers, health care providers, churches or religious institutions. And you may be able to leverage your home’s value to complete some home repairs; your trusted banker or real estate agent should be able to give you better information.